Our people came here to do the best work of their careers.

Some left other jobs because they weren’t allowed to do the work they were capable of, and some simply wanted to learn and be challenged daily. The team at SmartLogic is here because they love to code and want to develop great software.

  • Yair Flicker's Photo

    Yair Flicker


  • Dan Ivovich's Photo

    Dan Ivovich

    Director of Engineering

  • Eric Oestrich's Photo

    Eric Oestrich

    Engineering Manager

  • Chris Preisinger's Photo

    Chris Preisinger


  • Stephanie Vizzi's Photo

    Stephanie Vizzi


  • Rose Burt's Photo

    Rose Burt

    Director of Marketing

  • Craig Mertan's Photo

    Craig Mertan

    Product Designer

  • Tina Gilmore's Photo

    Tina Gilmore


  • Melvin Cedeno's Photo

    Melvin Cedeno


  • Michael Castagnola's Photo

    Michael Castagnola

    Chief of Staff

  • Michelle McFadden's Photo

    Michelle McFadden

    Operations Manager

  • Joel Meador's Photo

    Joel Meador

    Engineering Manager

  • Sundi Myint's Photo

    Sundi Myint


  • Ashley Stotts's Photo

    Ashley Stotts

    Business Development Manager

  • Anna Dorigo's Photo

    Anna Dorigo


  • Alex Housand's Photo

    Alex Housand


  • Carrie Bracy's Photo

    Carrie Bracy

    Project Manager